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The Curriculum

Today's early childhood educators accept what Dr Maria Montessori discovered many years ago; children under the age of six have extraordinary learning skills and powers. Education is both fun and challenging for the children in our Montessori school. Our classrooms with carefully sequenced, hands-on material allow the children to exercise and develop finely tuned intellects. These tools promote the learning of more advanced skills such as Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural, Mathematical, Language and Reading.

Practical Life :

Practical Life exercises are designed to help the child gain a sense of order, to develop coordination and concentration and to foster independence. Activities include many tasks children see as part of their daily routine in their home. Practical Life activities develop muscular coordination and helps to develop their power of control and concentration.

Sensorial :

Sensorial exercises appeal to the five senses of sight, touch, smell taste and sound. Sensorial lessons define shape, colour, size, weight, sound, smell and texture. The use of concrete sensorial materials establishes the necessary foundation for the child to later recognize abstract ideas with greater understanding and a more organised mind.

Mathematics :

Our specially designed activities help children learn and understand the concept of math by manipulating concrete materials. The Montessori approach to mathematics is logical, clear and effective. This work gives children a solid understanding of basic mathematical principals and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.


Students experience language through conversation, stories and poetry. The sandpaper letters
help the children link sound and symbol effortlessly, encouraging the development of written expression and reading skills. Individual lessons are based on phonetics and sight-reading skills. It is not uncommon for the four year old children, enrolled in our school, to be reading before their fifth birthday.

Cultural Studies / Computer Applications:

Geography, History, Biology, Botany, Zoology, Social Sciences, Horticulture and World Cultures
are presented to the children in enriching and exciting ways. Children study about the world through maps and globes. The objective is to increase their awareness of our planet.

All children have access to the classroom computer and age appropriate software. Technology related skills are essential for this generation to succeed in the future.

Extra Curricular Activities

Fun is a very important part of our school, we celebrate all the major events throughout the year, some of these include our fancy dress Halloween party, the Christmas show, where the children perform in costume on stage for their parents and grandparents, they celebrate with a party afterwards, while the parents socialise with a cup of coffee, Easter egg hunt and party, sports day and prize giving ceremony, to name but a few. Birthdays are very special days for all the children, we like to make a big fuss of the Birthday boy/girl and all enjoy chocolate cake after our lunch. We are delighted to support the fantastic work carried out by the Make a Wish foundation and every year we join in the fun with the Pyjama Day, when teachers and children all wear their PJ's to school and raise much need funds for this great charity.

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